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Rajya Sabha
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RAJYA SABHA AT WORK (Second Edition)
Edited by Shri YOGENDRA NARAIN, Secretary-General

FOREWORD(pdf Size:20.8KB) Page i - ii
INTRODUCTION(pdf Size:23.5KB) Page iii - v
P R E F A C E(pdf Size:17.0KB) Page vi - xi
ABBREVIATIONS(pdf Size:12.0KB) Page xiii - xvi
CONTENTS(pdf Size:32.6KB) Page xvii -xxxi
CHAPTER-1 Rajya Sabha: Evolution, Powers and Position(pdf Size:117KB) Page 1-18
CHAPTER-2 Composition of Rajya Sabha(pdf Size:87.7KB) Page 19-26
CHAPTER-3 Membership of Rajya Sabha(pdf Size:225KB) Page 27-70
CHAPTER-4 Presiding Officers of Rajya Sabha and other Parliamentary Functionaries
(pdf Size:252KB)
Page 71-127
CHAPTER-5 Relationship between the constituents of Parliament(pdf Size:164KB) Page 128-162
CHAPTER-6 Sessions of Rajya Sabha(pdf Size:130KB) Page 163-185
CHAPTER-7 President's Address, Motion of Thanks and Messages(pdf Size:125KB) Page 186-203
CHAPTER-8 Parliamentary Privileges(pdf Size:246KB) Page 204-259
CHAPTER-9 Rules of Conduct and Parliamentary Etiquette(pdf Size:140KB) Page 260-286
CHAPTER-10 Political Complexion of Rajya Sabha(pdf Size:109KB) Page 287-300
CHAPTER-11 Sittings of Rajya Sabha(pdf Size:170KB) Page 301-327
CHAPTER-12 Oath or Affirmation by Members(pdf Size:117KB) Page 328-337
CHAPTER-13 Seating Arrangement in the Chamber(pdf Size:86.5KB) Page 338-345
CHAPTER-14 Leave of Absence to Members(pdf Size:98.8KB) Page 346-356
CHAPTER-15 Arrangement of Business(pdf Size:120KB) Page 357-376
CHAPTER-16 Obituary and Other References(pdf Size:154KB) Page 377-406
CHAPTER-17 Questions(pdf Size:241KB) Page 407-470
CHAPTER-18 Calling Attention(pdf Size:176KB) Page 471-508
CHAPTER-19 Zero Hour Submissions(pdf Size:87.1KB) Page 509-515
CHAPTER-20 Special Mention(pdf Size:101KB) Page 516-527
CHAPTER-21 Legislation(pdf Size:283KB) Page 528-607
CHAPTER-22 Resolutions(pdf Size:146KB) Page 608-636
CHAPTER-23 Motions and Short Duration Discussions(pdf Size:127KB) Page 637-658
CHAPTER-24 Procedure in Financial Matters(pdf Size:85.8KB) Page 659-665
CHAPTER-25 Committees(pdf Size:370KB) Page 666-771
CHAPTER-26 General Rules of Procedure(pdf Size:224KB) Page 772-830
CHAPTER-27 Servicing Rajya Sabha(pdf Size:142KB) Page 831-852
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