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Rajya Sabha
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Born on September 5, 1888
Father's Name Shri S. Veerasamiah
Spouse's Name Shrimati S. Sivakamamma
Education M.A, D.Litt(Hony), LL.D., D.C.L, Litt. D., D.L, F.R.S.L, F.B.A., Hony Fellow, All Souls College Oxford

Positions Held

King George V Professor of Philosophy, Calcutta University, 1921-39

Vice-Chancellor of :

(i) Andhra University, 1931-36 and
(ii) Banaras Hindu University, 1939-48
Indian Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to U.S.S.R,1949-52
President/ Chairman of :

(i) Indian Philosophical Congress, 1927 and 1950
(ii) Executive Board, UNESCO, 1948
(iii) University Education Commission, Government of India, 1948-49
(iv) UNESCO General Conference, 1952-54 and 1958 and
(v) Buddha Jayanti Committee, 1956.

Author of :

( i) Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore
(ii) Reign of Religion in Contemporary Philosophy
(iii) Indian Philosophy
(iv) The Hindu View of Life
(v) An Idealist View of Life
(vi) East and West in Religion
(vii)Kalki or the Future of Civilisation
(viii) The Religion We Need
(ix) Gautama the Buddha
(x) Eastern Religions and Western Thought
(xi) India and China
(xii) Religion and Society
(xiii) Education, Politics and War
(xiv) Bhagavadgita
(xv) Dhammapada
(xvi) The Principal Upanishads
(xvii) East and West: Some Reflections
(xviii) Recovery of Faith
(xix) A Source Book of Indian Philosophy, 1957
(xx) The Brahma Sutra
(xxi) Occasional Speeches and Writings and
(xxii) Articles on Indian Philosophy in Encyclopaedia Britannica

Recipient of :

Bharat Ratna 1954

Vice-President of India and ex-officio Chairman, Rajya Sabha, 13.5.1952 to 12.5.1957 and 13.5.1957 to 12.5.1962;
President of India, 13.5.1962 to 12.5.1967;
Died on 17th April, 1975.
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