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Rajya Sabha
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Parliamentary Committees

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Note: In Membership,The options Past, Present and Current represent the Following Options:-
  • Past :- "From and "To" date fields appear to enable selection
  • Present:- Data relating to total membership of current Committees(i.e. from date of constitution/reconstitution to date) are available
  • Current:- Data relating to current membership of current Committees are available
The option "All" next to Committee name if enabled, gives historical data of selected Committee
Disclaimer :- Only those Parliamentary Committees are included in the database, wherein
                    (a) Rajya Sabha is represented and
                    (b) The Committees are not purely internal to Parliament.
As such, the Committee on Estimates , which is a purely Lok Sabha Committee has not been included. Similarly internal Committees such as Library Committee have not been included.

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