Statutory Orders laid on the Table of the Rajya Sabha November 18-22, 2002 ( 197thSession)

The following Statutory Rules and Orders made under the delegated powers of legislation and published in Part-II Section 3 (I) of the Gazette were laid on the Table of the Rajya Sabha during the  week  from November 18-22,  2002.  The Orders will be on  the Table for a period of 30 days which may be comprised in one Session or in two, or more successive Sessions.  Members can move a motion for modification before the expiry of the Session immediately following the Session in which laying period of 30 days is completed.

Sl. No.

Number and date of  Rule/Order

Brief Subject

Date on which laid

Provision of the Statute under which laid


G.S.R. No. 274 20.7. 2002

The Indian Electricity (Amendment) Rules, 2002


Section 38  (3) of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910.


G.S.R. No. 665(E)
25.9. 2002

The Standards of Weights and Measures (General) Amendment Rules, 2002.


Section 83 (4) of the  Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976.


G.S.R No. 666(E)
26.9. 2002

The Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Third  Amendment Rules, 2002.




S.O. 1049 (E)

1.10. 2002

Equitable distribution and availability of fertilizers to  the farmers in time during Rabi Season 2002-03. 


Section 3 (6) of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955